Ephemeral architecture to feature at Adelaide Fringe 2010

January 10, 2010

UK practice Architects of Air to install inflatable, maze-like luminarium in Adelaide.

An eye-catching inflatable luminarium made from brightly coloured PVC will open in February as part of the Adelaide Fringe 2010 festival.

The luminarium, called Amococo, has been designed by UK practice Architects of Air, and explores ideas of light and colour by creating a labyrinth of passageways, domes and columns.

Based on a floor plan of 86 three-sided ‘triaxial’ domes, the structure diffuses natural light through high-level ovoid windows at the top of each dome. The different colours experienced inside the luminarium are created by three colours of plastic used on the exterior.

The shape of Amococo is inspired by the modular elements of the Iranian bazaar. With a surface of 1,000sqm, the full structure takes 30 minutes to ‘build’, including time to zip together the sections and inflate the entire structure using just the power needed to operate two domestic kettles.

Architects of Air is lead by Alan Parkinson, who has been building luminaria since 1985. Parkinson’s interest in the structures lies in the “subtle light and colour” produced by the medium. The ephemeral structures have been exhibited in 37 different countries, attracting more than two million visitors since 1990.

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