Making the most of small spaces: Claire Scorpo

"The timber portal pergola and deck ... pushed the spatial qualities well beyond the basic site." Melbourne architect Claire Scorpo discusses how she took a two-bedroom red brick semi of 103 square metres and made it feel light, active and spacious.

Making the most of small spaces: Brad Swartz

"I think the best architecture comes from restrictions of some sort." Brad Swartz discusses how he cleverly packs a lot into small spaces – from a home for his parents, to one for himself – for MEZZANINE.

Neue school: how design education is changing

Internationally, design education is evolving to grow a new generation of creative thinkers. How to teach design in the post-industrial era? The question had been on Lidewij Edelkoort’s mind long before she took up the chairmanship of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1999. As the world’s most acclaimed trend predictor, Edelkoort’s instincts told her that […]

The international appeal of Henry Wilson

"I like to surround myself with objects of intrigue. Much of my work stems from scraps of potential that I notice in my daily life and travels." Wilson discusses his inspiration, working with architects, and his dream collaborator.

An unconventional craft with Arthur Seigneur

Blending furniture, craft and graphic design, Arthur Seigneur is a rare talent in an even rarer field bringing a youthful spirit to an age-old process.

Carving a course: Mast furniture

In a few short years, the pair behind Mast Furniture have built a furniture brand known for quality and a refined aesthetic that is catching the eye of architects and interior designers nationally.

Furthering the field: Cameron Anderson Architects

Mudgee architect Cameron Anderson talks with MEZZANINE about adjusting to country practice, heritage in a rural context, and the Architects Outback program.

Redesigning a country home in 3 days

Warwick Mihaly of architectural studio Mihaly Slocombe dons gumboots to walk us through the redesign of a country home.

Clean conscience: Yallingup home

West Australian builder Phil Kelleher plugs MEZZANINE into what powers one of Australia's most celebrated homes - the Yallingup home.

Art-house: Barnacle Studio

When Mignon Steele and Morgen Figgis met 15 years ago, the foundations of a fruitful multidisciplinary partnership were already in place. The pair were both creative jugglers. Aside from her artistic practice, Steele painted film and television sets as well as houses, while Figgis, a graduate of architecture, worked for a Sydney-based architectural practice that […]