Freshness, quality, commitment: DesignByThem

"The name DesignByThem was chosen because it represented the collective vision we had for the brand." Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis of DesignByThem discuss their brand, the future of Australian design and overcoming limitations.

MEZZANINE #10 – Simple Things

Abundant natural light, clever design solutions, charm, homeliness, nature, character and authenticity all encapsulate the Simple Things issue for MEZZANINE #10.

Intimacy in density: Woods Bagot’s Assembly

Assembly is more than your average apartment building. Living here, you are presented with not just a home to live in, but also a community, a connection to the surrounding precinct and amenities that make saying 'hi' to your neighbour inevitable.

Emerging from the darkness: the Shadow House

The physical result of design talent, solid collaboration and a touch of kismet, the Shadow house is a successful project in all senses – achieving beauty, preservation of Heritage, and resulting in a home that moulds snugly to the clients' lives.

Not like all the others: Fifty Fifty house

The Fifty Fifty house: At first glance For the curious and perceptive people among us, there is a house in the inner suburbs of Melbourne that is not quite what it seems. At first glance, the brick façade appears just like all the other 1950s creations it’s surrounded by, but look again and that unassuming […]

Australian alpine architecture: three of the best

While Australia will never be regarded internationally as a winter wonderland, for those looking to escape the city for a weekend, the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps do provide an appealing alternative to our world-famous beaches. In pursuit of peace and quiet, it’s hard to beat the serenity of snow falling on an already quiet […]

From Switzerland to Australia: Karen Abernethy

“Abernethy brings a unique perspective to our architecture community. She has been making beautiful, resolved work in Australia from her home base in Lugano, Switzerland for the last 10 years. She has to be more than just a clever designer to deliver this quality result; collaboration and negotiation are no doubt her strengths. It will […]

Australian soul with Italian heart: SP01

What does it take to bring Australian design to the world stage? What embodies the Australian aesthetic? How do you get a furniture brand off the ground? These are the kinds of questions the guys behind SP01 ponder. Sitting comfortably in the brand’s new outdoor range (designed by Tom Fereday) in Milan, Italy, Aleesha Callahan chats to SP01’s product development manager Matt Lorrain.

Are un-normal hotels the new normal?

How is hotel design changing in the age of Airbnb? Kirsty Sier looks at hoteliers who offer individual and exciting experiences rather than a simple place to crash, including a hotel made up of pimped-out caravans on a rooftop, and Jackalope – an "avant-garde brand" on the Mornington Peninsula which features a winery as part of its offering.

When two become one: Coogee house

What was once a 1920s duplex is now a streamlined family home – a conversion that celebrates the old alongside the new, makes intelligent use of space and brings a little more of the outside in.