Top 5 Alexandra Buchanan

Alexandra Buchanan is the founder and director of Alexandra Buchanan Architecture (ABA), a boutique studio based in Brisbane, whose residential projects are dotted all along the eastern seaboard. 1. Favourite item in your own home I have a beautiful Sri Lankan planter’s chair that I love! My husband bought it for me for Christmas one […]

How does your urban garden grow?

  While increasing urban density is pushing more people into apartment living, the desire to stay in touch with nature has become more pressing. So, when it comes to gardening, how can we do more with less. We asked Byron Smith the director of Urban Growers.   Australian Design Review: Many Australians now live in apartments. Which […]

Bamboo enjoying sustainable growth as building material

Bamboo is versatile and resilient and can be replenished and harvested more sustainably than any other timber. ADR takes a looks at the history of the material and how technology is shaping a new era for this sustainable product. Bamboo is ancient. It goes back so far, in fact, that there are records of it […]

From small gardens, big things can grow

Ella Cole surveys three studios that are letting nature take over, with the results benefitting the biodiversity of our cities and humans who live in them.

Ten years in the making: Luxxbox’s Jason Bird

Being a designer and manufacturer in Australia is no easy feat, particularly as the manufacturing sector has dried up over the past 10 years. One studio in Brisbane that has been going from strength to strength, however, is Luxxbox. Aleesha Callahan chats to the founder, Jason Bird, to learn about its trajectory, plus, what’s in […]

Let the light in: designing with polycarb

Thin, transparent walls don’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, they can be quite the opposite if you're looking for a connection to the outside.

Going green with greenwalls

With interest in greenwalls, roofs and façades on the rise, we take a look at how to 'green-up' your home and some of the benefits of doing so.

On quality design with Mike Ong, MODO

“Mike Ong from MODO must be on the list.” – Andrew Maynard MZ: Has there been a consistent approach to extending on your client’s desires that you have carried with you since starting your practice and where did this come from? Mike Ong: I grew up in a small weatherboard house that had a tiny […]

Raising the bar: Ivanhoe house by Auhaus Architecture

A challenging site in a magnificent setting – all in a day’s work for innovative architecture design studio, Auhaus. Architects Kate Fitzpatrick and Ben Stibbard share a passion for creating unique spaces – and, after working for another practice on multi-residential buildings, they felt the time had come to refocus on one-off single residential projects. […]

A house of light: Amado house by Make Architecture

The Amado house was designed by multi award-winning Melbourne firm Make Architecture for a culturally blended family returning to Australia after many years living in Japan. Given that the clients are half Japanese, half Australian, part of the brief was to find an architectural language that reflected and celebrated these cultural differences. Melissa Bright, principal […]