For this issue of MEZZANINE, we’re taking a step back to ponder the years to come. We’re tackling questions around what longevity in design is, what quality craftsmanship looks like and how investing in architecture and design can be valuable now and in the years ahead.

Mezzanine #07

This issue of MEZZANINE we celebrate and show that the adage ‘an architect never builds anything until they are 40’ is no longer true. Accordingly, we have asked our editorial advisory board to nominate those they consider to be leading the charge into the next era of Australian creativity.

MEZZANINE #6 – Road to discovery

As we break the city limits and leave the motorways behind – this issue of MEZZANINE shows that architecture and design has a true relevance in everyday life – no matter where you live. We hope you enjoy the ride. It is bloody incredible ‘out here’.

Mezzanine issue #4 – DENFAIR 2016 exclusive edition

In this exclusive bumper issue of MEZZANINE, we focus on curated design and interiors event, DENFAIR. What is special about this event is the convergence of creativity and industry; the connection is global, but more importantly it exists on a local, independent level also.

Mezzanine issue #1 launches

Mezzanine is a new quarterly Australian design magazine that aims to bridge the gap between designers, makers and clients.