Inside 76: The ‘Out of Town’ issue

Apr 24, 2013
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Inside issue 76 escapes the city to uncover a range of out-of-town projects, with interiors unhindered by compact urban living and that embrace their countryside and coastal surroundings.

In this issue of (inside) Interior Design Review:


  • Mitchelton Winery, Goulburn Valley, interiors by Hecker Guthrie (review: Gillian Serisier)
  • Blairgowrie House, Victoria, interiors by Wolveridge Architects (review: Alexa Kempton)
  • Starfall Farm, Bath (UK), interiors by Invisible Studio (review: Billy Nolan)
  • Levantine Hill Homestead, Coldstream, interiors by Molecule (review: Annie Reid)
  • Alfred & Constance, Brisbane, by Alexander Lotersztain (review: Gillian Serisier)


  • ‘Forty years at the Jam’: Adelaide-based JamFactory celebrates 40 years of nurturing the careers of designer-makers
  • In profile: Trent Jansen & his new work for Broached Commissions’ second project, Broached East
  • ‘Brutalist Renaissance’: David Sokol looks at brutalist tendencies in contemporary furniture and object design
  • ‘Community workshops’: Meet the creatives behind two new Sydney ventures offering collaborative & cost-efficient workshop spaces to designers
  • London-based studio Haworth Tompkins and their sensitive regeneration of a series of dilapidated industrial buildings into performance and studio facilities for Aldeburgh Music


  • Random International’s latest installation ‘Rain Room’, reviewed by Rebecca Roke
  • Eames: Beautiful Details, by Steve Crist & Gloria Fowler (eds.), reviewed by Gillian Serisier

Plus Luigi Rossell Architects, Decus, Matt Woods Design, Hearth as well as I Love Todd Sampson on Designwall; Mim Design’s Top 5 Metallics in Objects; and much, much more…

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