How technology is driving architectural experimentation

Architecture is an industry at a crossroads with rapid technological advancements. Consumers now expect buildings to do more than ever including providing climate control, and increased access to natural light and ventilation. The heightened expectations and advancements in technology have pushed us into the realm of increased architectural experimentation. This experimentation is resulting in integrating […]

When is it appropriate to reject heritage council recommendations?

Does Australia need a more trusted Heritage process? Shaun Carter, principal architect, Carter Williamson Architects, investigates.  Let’s put this into context: at state level, Heritage classification is a high threshold. Heritage can’t, and shouldn’t ever be a flippant exercise that registers buildings without deep thought and consideration. Cities will need to grow and change over time. […]

In conversation with fjmt’s Elizabeth Carpenter

Today it’s common to see people who never spend more than a couple of years in the same job. And then there are people like Elizabeth Carpenter. The fjmt principal has been with the practice for nearly 25 years and isn’t looking to move on anytime soon. Elizabeth Carpenter joined Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt) when it […]

Architects: To register or not to register?

Having recently transitioned from an architectural graduate to a registered Victorian architect, Amelyn Ng reflects on the process. This is not your classic story with the concluding mandate to ‘get registered’. This is also by no means a representative or aggregative picture of architectural registration in Australia. Instead, this is a retrospective incursion into the thoughts […]

Emerging practice: Taylor + Hinds

Poppy Taylor and Mat Hinds cite the local landscape and their own values as informing their designs. Here they talk about their early influences and starting up their practice. Hailing from the small yet culturally rich location of Tasmania, Poppy Taylor and Mat Hinds are the architects behind the state’s award-winning practice Taylor + Hinds. […]

Meet Warren and Mahoney’s managing principal Gavin Kain

There are many architects who discover their love for design and the built environment in childhood and Gavin Kain is no exception. But his interests were always diverse and much more far-reaching than architecture alone. He goes so far as to describe himself as something of a nerd in his passion for reading books about […]

Why timber is having a vigorous revival

Timber may have had a bit of a hard-knock time in the design space for a while there, but in 2018 it’s back and more popular than ever. AR looks into this feel good, beating-the-odds resurgence tale. From houses to ships, furniture to floors, timber has been used in the construction industry – and thus […]

Industry experts on legacy

As part of a regular series, AR asks a panel of industry experts their response to the following question: What does legacy mean to you and what would you like yours to be? Elizabeth Watson Brown LFRAIA Design director, Adjunct Professor, School of Architecture, University of Queensland You know you have been around for a long […]