AR 125: Architecture and the Arts

Jun 7, 2012
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Now on sale – AR 125: Architecture and the Arts  

In recent times, there has been a renewed and complex relationship between architecture and the arts, as architectural space and the built environment draws inspiration and influence from film, music, painting, photography and literature (and vice versa). This issue of AR reviews selected architectural projects that comment on, or reflect, architecture’s relationship to artistic practice. We also take a look at Heide II and the Lyon Housemuseum, and interview Callum Morton, David Walsh of MONA and Alain de Botton about their thoughts on the art/architecture interface.

  • On the cover: GASP! Boardwalk, in Glenorchy, Tasmania, by Room 11
Project reviews:
  • ‘Crossing the Threshold’: Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, by FJMT & Archimedia (review: Simon Sellars)
  • ‘Structural and Poetic’: Burrinja Cultural Centre, by Gregory Burgess Architects (review: Emily Potter)
  • ‘Seeing Anew’: GASP! Boardwalk, by Room 11  (review: Judith Abell)
  • ‘Creative Archaeology’: Clifton Hill House, by Sharif Abraham Architects  (review: Paul Carter)
  • ‘Act of Resistance’: Francis St Apartments, by Candalepas Associates  (review: Laura Harding)
  • ‘Suburban Unease: Howard Arkley’s Psycho Architecture’ (featuring mini-interviews with Callum Morton, Darren Wardle and Louise Forthun), by Ashley Crawford
  • ‘Meaning in Space: the Lyon Housemuseum’, by Leon van Schaik
  • ‘What is and What Should Be: Soviet Constructivism on Film’, by Owen Hatherley
  • ‘Vehicular Architecture: Chisholm Automotive and Logistics Centre’, by Paul Morgan
  • ‘Virtuous Creativity’, a profile of WOHA by Patrick Bingham-Hall
  • Callum Morton: the Real and the Virtual Together, by Stuart Harrison
  • David Walsh: MONA’s Inverse Archaeology, by David Neustein
  • Alain de Botton: ‘Don’t let the free market decide’, by David Neustein

Plus Conrad Hamann’s look at the history of Heide II in our Lifecycle feature, Lucy Humphrey’s profile of Hannah Tribe in One to Watch, Harrison and White and Andrew Maynard Architects on Design Wall, and reviews of South and East: the 2012 NZIA Conference (Simon Sellars), Hal Foster’s book The Art-Architecture Complex (Justine Clark), and the 2012 Boral Design Awards (Mat Wards).

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