In this issue, we’re all about marriage. Well, mergers to be precise – be they of small practices joining forces to become bigger ones, or Australian companies joining forces with like-minded outfits in Asia. And we ask our esteemed Brain Trust what they look for when hiring new architects. The answer invariably is cultural fit […]


Ethics in business. How do you hold on to them? This isn’t just a question for the architecture profession of course, but every industry trying to compete in an ever-changing, ever ruthless economically uncertain and geopolitically unstable climate. Cover story with Danish architect Mette Lange.


This is the fourth issue we’ve published since we changed direction last year to focus on the business of architecture and there is a recurring theme in this issue – marketing, PR and the whole unsavoury business of selling oneself and one’s wares.


My favourite quote of this issue came from Sandy Law. At very late notice, Sandy agreed to join the Brain Trust panel, which tackles the timely topic of mental health and well-being in the architecture profession. When I first began thinking about this editorial, the world was observing World Mental Health Day (10 October). By […]

AR – The Business of Architecture 147

This is the second issue in the new look AR and the mantra ‘don’t spend more than you earn’ is at the very heart of what we’re doing with this change in direction. We realised that it’s these basic business processes that can be the areas of greatest struggle for architectural practices, so this is where you come in. If there are areas of your business you find challenging, let us know. If there are topics you think we should be covering that will aid you in your daily business chores...share them with us.

AR – The Business of Architecture 146

You’ll have no doubt noticed some profound changes to the magazine. From now on it will have a primary focus on business – with articles, interviews and opinion pieces that will help architects in the complex everyday task of running their practices.

AR145 – Future focus and the built legacy of Zaha Hadid

AR – Future features projects and articles that suggest new ways forward for multi-residential, public space, education and the workplace. It demonstrates how our workplaces aspire to encourage healthier lifestyles and how our built environment is developing to engage communities and support our active ageing population.

AR 144 – Sky High

"High-rise living is not for everyone. One could argue that it needn’t be, but like it or not, the intense urbanisation occurring in our lifetime means more of us than ever will be living off the ground." Penny Craswell and Peter Salhani explore liveability, sustainability, civic presence and amenity in the latest issue of AR – Sky High.

AR143 – Culture

Culture is a big idea and there is no doubt the practice of architecture is a cultural act – but does it direct culture? Can or should it? In this edition of AR, guest editors Stuart Harrison, Simon Knott and Christine Phillips turn the focus to this broad theme with a series of diverse projects.

AR142 – Superhouses residential issue

Guest editor Karen McCartney takes us through AR's residential issue, featuring superhouses by Fearon Hay Architects, Pattersons Associates, Breathe Architecture, Chenchow Little and Vokes and Peters.