AR 129: The Price of Building

Apr 2, 2013
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Now on sale – AR 129: The Price of Building

The theme of this issue of Architectural Review Asia Pacific is predicated on an assumption: capital, not design or regulation, is the primary driver of the built form of our cities. Accepting this, it then sets out to examine what the challenges and opportunities might be for architecture in the realm of private property development. This issue proves the demands of profit can be both a powerfully creative and destructive force, and considers architecture as a profession well placed to speak for both the public and private stakeholders of our cities.

  • On the cover: Luna in Melbourne, by Elenberg Fraser

Project reviews:

  • Westfield Tower, Sydney, by John Wardle Architects (review: John de Manincor)
  • Sliced Porosity Block, Chengdu, by Steven Holl Architects (review: Daan Roggeveen)
  • Luna, St Kilda, by Elenberg Fraser (review: Stuart Harrison)
  • Showcase Buildings, Auckland, by Cheshire Architects & Assembly Architects (review: Andrew Barrie)


  • ‘The birth of the Australian project home’ by Charles Pickett
  • ‘Community Economy’ by Andrew Feeney
  • ‘Theatre of Situation – Dashila(b)’ by Austin Williams
  • ‘The Towers and the Fury’ by Philip Vivian
  • ‘Discounting the Future: The Limits of Cost/Benefit Analysis for City Making’ by Patrick Fensham and Marcus Spiller


  • Rory Hyde, interviewed by Maitiu Ward
  • Graeme Gunn and Quino Holland, interviewed by Maitiu Ward

Plus: Ministry Studio is ‘One to Watch’; Tone Wheeler on the economics of ESD; Emerge Studio on Designwall; ‘The ‘I’ in Crisis’ by Anna Tweeddale’; Cities of Hope and Designer Suburbs in review; and much more.

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