AR 126: Architecture and Infrastructure

Aug 1, 2012
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Now on sale – AR 126: Architecture and Infrastructure 

This issue of AR addresses the balance of architects in infrastructure, elevating the idea that good architecture is fundamentally about urban scale, and should be implemented from the bottom up. The project reviews look at architectural responses to natural disasters in Tokyo, Christchurch and Brisbane, while three more consider how architecture can enhance public space in Singapore, Barwon Heads and Seoul. Also featured in this issue: a profile on 2012 AIA National Emerging Architect prizewinner Kelly Rattigan, a photo series by Nicholas Cobb, and Anna Tweeddale examines the sensorial relationship between architecture and the natural world.

  • On the cover: West End Ferry Terminal, in Brisbane, by Cox Rayner

Project reviews:

  • ‘Aquatic Therapy’: Singapore’s Bishan Park, by Atelier Dreiseitl (review: Patrick Bingham-Hall)
  • ‘Bridging the Past’: William Buckley Bridge in Barwon Heads, by Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design (review: Maitiu Ward)
  • ‘Rhythmic Flow’: Seoul’s Herma Parking Building, by JOHO Architecture (review: Jinyoung Lee)
  • ‘On the Grid’: EEI Building in Tokyo, by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratory (review: Christopher Kaltenbach)
  • ‘The New Normal’: Re:START Mall in Christchurch, by The Buchan Group (review: Lara Strongman)
  • ‘Facing the Future’: Brisbane’s West End Ferry Terminal, by Cox Rayner (review: David Neustein)


  • ‘The Wired City’, by PD Smith (extract)
  • ‘Infrastructure, Excess and Difference’, by Anna Tweeddale
  • ‘Exotic Pylon’, by Charles Holland
  • ‘Under Overpasses’, by Naomi Stead
  • ‘Roadtrip: Trouble in Paradise’, by David Neustein
  • ‘Rajarhat, the Urban Dystopia’


  • Dilip da Cunha & Anuradha Mathur: Design Activism, by Maitiu Ward

Plus Jennie Officer’s profile on architect Kelly Rattigan in One to Watch, BKK & Jackson Teece on Design Wall, and Russell Fortmeyer looks  the repositioning of architecture around infrastructure.

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