Year in review: ADR’s top 10 features of 2012

Dec 28, 2012
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A number of heated topics governed this year’s most popular feature stories on Australian Design Review, with David Neustein’s account of Make-Space for Architecture’s ‘open conversation’ event surrounding the controversial new design of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art taking out this year’s top spot. Coming in at fifth place, on the same topic, was Gerard Reinmuth’s article weighing in on the debate.

In a close second was Lara Strongman’s opinion piece at the beginning of the year, regarding the Christchurch earthquakes and the problematic idea of ‘resilience’ in reportage surrounding the tragic events.

A handful of interviews made it into the top ten, with Alain de Botton taking out the third spot after his conversation with David Neustein on his book The Architecture of Happiness. Architectural researcher Rachel Armstrong also made the list after her interview with Simon Sellars regarding her research into ‘living architecture’, using model artificial cells to create responsive buildings that can overcome harsh 21st century environmental challenges.

Inger Mewburn’s article on architecture websites attracted plenty of praise in the comments, while the satirical Alternate Reality: Godsell & Corrigan piece ruffled more than a few feathers – particularly those of readers on whom the satire was lost.

See below for the full list of ADR’s top 10 feature stories of 2012, listed in order of popularity:

1. MCA: Open conversation or guarded debate?

2. Resilience, Toughness & Damage

3. Alain de Botton: “Don’t let the free market decide”

4. Build it and they won’t come

5. Critical Thinking

6. Alternate Reality: Godsell & Corrigan

7. Top five: Residential adaptive re-use

8. Life Cycle: Marsala House

9. Living Architecture (Rachel Armstrong interview)

10. Swinburne’s Design Factory

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