The technology workplace

A research project by Bates Smart has examined the tech industry, which culminated in a white paper: ‘The Technology Workplace’. The paper shows how tech companies are flipping the traditional office model due to their unique way of working. Kellie Payne, Bates Smart associate director, discusses the findings of the paper with inside co-editor Gillian Serisier.

Eight essential apps for architects and designers

Technology is here to help not hinder and Anthony Caruana, editor of MacWorld, has compiled a list of eight essential apps for architects and designers that will make life easier with the touch of a finger.

Brightgreen releases the low-glare, high-impact D700+ LED downlight

Australian LED technology company Brightgreen introduces the latest addition to its range of premium Tru-Colour interior lights.

Productivity and the creative workplace

Productivity and efficiency are simple to measure, but in today’s economy, businesses can’t survive without constant innovation and a focus on creativity. Sarah Kay of Woods Bagot looks at how designers can develop inspiring environments and provide tools to foster creativity.

Bodies in Formation exhibition

The exhibition comprises current and past works by Matsys Design founder, Andrew Kudless, now on display in the Forum at the Abedian School of Architecture.

Agile spatially

Saying farewell to cookie cutter layouts and shonky developers, SJB is setting a new standard in multi-res with surprising results from developers and clients alike.

Blurring the Lines

From workplaces that emulate cafe interiors to hospitality-inspired retail design, designers are drawing influence from a broader range of sectors in the realisation of multifunctional spaces. HASSELL’s head of interior design, Scott Walker, contemplates this cross-pollination of ideas.

A decade of design: Technology

LAVA director Chris Bosse explores how digital design is allowing designers to redefine the spaces we inhabit, and the ways we experience them.