Beyond the web

Marcus Piper explores the way technology is redefining the concept of a well-connected home for MEZZANINE – taking us beyond the cobwebs and cables.

The modern workplace

If mobile technology means we can work from anywhere, why bother going into an office? The modern workplace has evolved to provide the comfort of home and promote collegiate interaction as never before, as Susan Muldowney writes for inside.

BVN chapel features automatic sliding glass façade

BVN’s newly-designed chapel, The Sanctuary, features a one-of-a-kind sliding glass façade made up of three curved glass panes which form a floor-to-ceiling window – and can be raised and lowered by synchronised electric actuators.

Testfit augmented reality mobile app by Luxmy Furniture

Pokémon Go has become one of the largest mobile games in the world with users spending more time on it than social media. Using a similar Augmented Reality technology, Luxmy Furniture has developed innovative mobile application Testfit.

The technology workplace

Blurring the Lines