Five Foot One Design’s retail design at the Opera House

Working on a new retail space at the Sydney Opera House was a privilege and a challenge for Five Foot One Design. The client-focused Australian interior design agency is the author of the new retail space set within the walls of the iconic Sydney Opera House. The retail space, finalised on 1 December 2021, has […]

Lookbook: unconventional and luxurious bathroom vanities

For today’s lookbook, ADR reflects upon the most beautiful and daring bathroom vanities in Australian households. This selection is from our IDEA 2022 finalists and illustrates the untapped power of bathroom vanities as an adventurous and colourful aspect of interior design. Moor Street residence, Flack Studio The Moor Street residence is a contemporary reimagining of Memphis design. The inclusion […]

Eight projects that showcase the warmth of timber

For our latest lookbook, ADR is exploring eight interior and outdoor spaces that demonstrate the enduring popularity and warmth of timber. This selection is from our IDEA 2022 finalists and displays the confident and cohesive use of wood as a dominant material. Courtyard house, Ha Architecture with Kihara Landscapes and styling by Jess Kneebone Situated in the inner eastern […]

‘This is not your typical bakery’ – Ewert Leaf on Lune Armadale

Restrained but inviting, Lune Armadale is “all about showcasing the art of croissant making,” says Ewert Leaf senior interior designer Tess Carpenter. Completed in late July, Lune Armadale is the pastry company’s third iteration in Melbourne, joining stores in Fitzroy and the CBD. The specialist croissant company engaged Melbourne-based multidisciplinary architecture and design firm Ewert […]

Linda Boronkay and Mac Design Studios restore Osborn house in Southern Highlands

Technē and Eleisha Gray transport guests back to sun-dappled days of the Italian Riviera circa 1975