“We don’t want to be just business owners having lunches. We want to design” – Richards Stanisich

The designers behind the IDEA 2020 overall project winner and Residential Single award winner open up about their design process, their creative vulnerabilities and their future as one of Australia’s best loved studios. Kirsten Stanisich and Jonathan Richards made names for themselves as the directors of SJB’s Sydney interior design department. In 2018, they left […]

Make Architects transforms chocolate factory into boutique office

Make Architects has transformed a former chocolate factory in the Haymarket district of Sydney into a boutique office that retains the look and feel of the old building. Located on Cunningham Street, the 20th century building is 413 square metres spread across three floors. In its refurbishment, Make Architects maintained the original steel beams, timber […]

Meet the IDEA 2020 Emerging Designer finalists

With less than a month to go before we announce the winners of IDEA 2020, we thought we’d take a minute to delve into the contenders for the second most sought-after award of the night – the Emerging Designer of the Year. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to IDEA 2020, grab them now and […]

Meet the IDEA 2020 design studio finalists of the year

With just a month to go until we announce the winners of IDEA 2020, we thought we’d take a look at the studios vying for the night’s top prize – Designer of the Year. With past alums like Kennedy Nolan, DesignOffice and SJB, Designer of the Year is always a hard-fought category, and this year […]

ADR’s top 16 Australian architects and designers for 2020

It’s December already! We’re kicking off our review of 2020 with a look at the year’s best interviews with Australian designers and architects. “We’re here to live, not to defy death. Our architecture should do the same” – Koichi Takada A chance virtual encounter with Koichi Takada in the middle of Melbourne’s second lockdown turned into an […]

“Through design, we tell stories or narratives with hidden meanings” – Esoteriko

Established in late 2017 by founder Anna Trefely, Esoteriko Interior Architecture is a flourishing emerging studio located in Sydney. Perfectly balanced between residential and commercial projects, at its core Esoteriko embraces trust, honesty, respect and collaboration. Known for delivering a highly considered response to clients and site, Esoteriko creates versatile interiors with an emphasis on […]

“Design is scaleless” – COX’s Patrick Ness on bespoke design via Osteria Tedesca

In spearheading the bespoke interiors of Osteria Tedesca, COX director Patrick Ness proves you can teach an old practice a new tune. Ten years ago, Brigitte Hafner sat down and wrote a manifesto to one day cook somewhere that had heart, wine, music, nature, architecture, stories, theatre and joy. In a journey that took her […]

Getting to know IDEA 2020 Emerging Designer finalist Ricci Bloch

We catch up with Ricci Bloch, a finalist for the IDEA 2020 Emerging Designer of the Year award. The Sydney architect has four years under her belt in her own practice and and 13 years in the industry creating beautiful, holistic spaces that weave together elements of architecture, interiors and landscape. Her two shortlisted IDEA […]

YSG infuses Sydney gin bar with juniper berry blue palette

Defining a new era of hospitality, Four Pillars from YSG design creates an unfolding experience of grown-up sophistication and cool as hell chic. Bringing to mind the most famous of gin bars, the fictitious Rick’s of Casablanca, and the celebrated Humphry Bogart delivered line: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all […]

Ben Burrows explores queer self-identity in DIA Graduate of the Year winning project

The exploration of queer self-identity through the analogy of the bedroom is at the centre of the Design Institute of Australia’s Interior Design Graduate of the Year winning project by Ben Burrows. The Queensland of Technology student was also named the state’s Interior Design Graduate of the Year and Overall Graduate of the Year, taking […]

K-3 artistic director and designer Kenzo Takada dies aged 81

The artistic director of K-3 and founder of Kenzo, Kenzo Takada, died at the weekend from COVID-19 related complications. The Japanese-born designer passed away in the American Hospital in Paris, where he had resided since 1965. Takada was born in 1939 in Himeji to hotelier parents. After the death of his father, he became the […]