“Be the originator of your own design” – Mim Fanning, on 20+ years in the industry

The day you stop being inspired is the day you should stop designing, says Melbourne interior designer Mim Fanning. The design veteran and head of Mim Design sat down with ADR recently to chat about the 20-year anniversary of her studio. “If you’re a designer, you live it, you breathe it. It’s part of your […]

Creating in isolation can help designers avoid “self referential” design – Kate Challis

Beauty can come from “shutting out the noise” and creating in solitude and isolation says Melbourne interior designer Kate Challis. “We live in a hyper-interactive world, which is fabulous, but we don’t always know when to close that off and focus just on what’s at hand,” the designer told ADR recently. “Otherwise we can become […]

David Flack named a judge for IDEA 2021

David Flack has been named the fifth judge for IDEA 2021, joining Chelsea Hing, Brahman Perera, Hassell principal Domino Risch and Adelaide-based Ryan Genesin. Entries for IDEA 2021 are now open. Enter before 2 May to save $90 on your entry. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it by this Sunday. You can log back in and edit your entry as many […]

“Within the current world, politics has become a dirty word”, but it’s not – David Flack

The Australian public, and designers in particular, shouldn’t be afraid of being political, says IDEA 2020 Designer of the Year David Flack. “Within our current world, politics has become a dirty word, but it’s not. It’s actually the place all design starts from,” says Flack. “There is a fear within a lot of Australians, but […]

Ryan Genesin named a judge for IDEA 2021

The Adelaide-based director of Genesin Studio has been announced as the second IDEA judge for 2021. Early bird entries for IDEA 2021 are now open. Genesin will be joined on this year’s panel of industry experts by Hassell principal and workplace designer Domino Risch, along with five other judges, which we’ll be announcing soon. An […]

Getting to know Melbourne interior designer Chelsea Hing

Each new project by Melbourne-based interior designer Chelsea Hing is a surprise and a delight. She speaks to ADR about her design approach and life post-COVID. Chelsea Hing views her projects as an expression of her life philosophy, rather than being guided by a design philosophy or aesthetic that is recognisable across her body of […]

At home with COX design director Joe Agius

The Sydney design director takes us inside his reconfigured terrace home in Glebe, which references Moroccan riads and the pleasures of a central garden. From 19th century Italianate terrace to interwar boarding house, Agius’ Courtyard House acknowledges its eventful, but not always glamorous, history by carefully retaining all elements of the original 1885 structure. In […]

“We don’t want to be just business owners having lunches. We want to design” – Richards Stanisich

The designers behind the IDEA 2020 overall project winner and Residential Single award winner open up about their design process, their creative vulnerabilities and their future as one of Australia’s best loved studios. Kirsten Stanisich and Jonathan Richards made names for themselves as the directors of SJB’s Sydney interior design department. In 2018, they left […]

Make Architects transforms chocolate factory into boutique office

Make Architects has transformed a former chocolate factory in the Haymarket district of Sydney into a boutique office that retains the look and feel of the old building. Located on Cunningham Street, the 20th century building is 413 square metres spread across three floors. In its refurbishment, Make Architects maintained the original steel beams, timber […]

Meet the IDEA 2020 Emerging Designer finalists

With less than a month to go before we announce the winners of IDEA 2020, we thought we’d take a minute to delve into the contenders for the second most sought-after award of the night – the Emerging Designer of the Year. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to IDEA 2020, grab them now and […]

Meet the IDEA 2020 design studio finalists of the year

With just a month to go until we announce the winners of IDEA 2020, we thought we’d take a look at the studios vying for the night’s top prize – Designer of the Year. With past alums like Kennedy Nolan, DesignOffice and SJB, Designer of the Year is always a hard-fought category, and this year […]