Much ado about Florence Broadhurst

A lot has been made of the myth making around Florence Broadhurst, so much so in fact, that the first half of the fabulous book, Florence Broadhurst by Helen O’Neil, feels like a tattletale outing. Following recent news that NSW Police is launching a review into Broadhurst’s 1977 murder, Gillian Serisier delves into the world […]

“Be the originator of your own design” – Mim Fanning, on 20+ years in the industry

The day you stop being inspired is the day you should stop designing, says Melbourne interior designer Mim Fanning. The design veteran and head of Mim Design sat down with ADR recently to chat about the 20-year anniversary of her studio. “If you’re a designer, you live it, you breathe it. It’s part of your […]

Creating in isolation can help designers avoid “self referential” design – Kate Challis

Beauty can come from “shutting out the noise” and creating in solitude and isolation says Melbourne interior designer Kate Challis. “We live in a hyper-interactive world, which is fabulous, but we don’t always know when to close that off and focus just on what’s at hand,” the designer told ADR recently. “Otherwise we can become […]

David Flack named a judge for IDEA 2021

David Flack has been named the fifth judge for IDEA 2021, joining Chelsea Hing, Brahman Perera, Hassell principal Domino Risch and Adelaide-based Ryan Genesin. Entries for IDEA 2021 are now open. Enter before 2 May to save $90 on your entry. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it by this Sunday. You can log back in and edit your entry as many […]

Ryan Genesin named a judge for IDEA 2021

Meet the IDEA 2020 design studio finalists of the year