Sometimes the comfort zone is “not healthy” – Léo Terrando on going solo

With more than two decades of design experience in Australia and France, Léo Terrando didn’t make the decision to go solo lightly. The former SJB director tells ADR it may have been a spur of the moment decision – made in the middle of Melbourne’s fifth COVID-19 lockdown – but it’s one he doesn’t regret. […]

Getting to know Sydney lighting designer Alex Fitzpatrick

Inspired by Australian designers and Italian masters equally, Sydney-based lighting designer Alex Fitzpatrick is one to watch. The founder and director of A Design Studio, Fitzpatrick is thoughtful and expressive – the human embodiment of his pieces, which are just as considered and contemplative. Using both traditional skills like glassblowing and metalworking and contemporary lighting […]

DesignByThem for DL Range by Gibson Karlo merges fashion and industrial design principles

DesignByThem has teamed up with fashion designer Dion Lee for a project that, at its heart, promotes cross disciplinary design across Australia. The DL Range picked up top prize in the USE category at this week’s Design Institute of Australia awards, beating out 20 other shortlisted entries to take home the win. The DIA jury, […]

“I was not interested in adhering to the designer as an agent of consumption model” – Megan Norgate

Sustainable interior design is not a strategic business choice but rather an opportunity to find work in the world that responds to your “circle of concern,” says Melbourne interior designer Megan Norgate. Speaking to ADR recently, the founding director of BRAVE NEW ECO says sustainability in interior design has “definitely become a more mainstream consideration” […]

“Be the originator of your own design” – Mim Fanning, on 20+ years in the industry

At home with COX design director Joe Agius