Pascale Gomes-McNabb’s top 5 ingredients for dining

May 10, 2013
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For interior architect and restaurateur Pascale Gomes-McNabb, good food and good design go hand in hand. The designer behind Stokehouse Melbourne, Sydney’s Bentley Restaurant & Bar and recently revamped Claude’s, Gomes-McNabb also designed and co-owns Melbourne institutions, Cumulus Inc. and Cutler & Co. Here, she shares her top five picks for dining in style.

Top 5 ingredients for dining


1. Cutlery: Jardin d’Eden cutlery by Marcel Wanders for Christofle
Marcel Wanders’ beautiful cutlery range for luxury French silverware brand Christofle, featuring an ornate floral detail, is used at Shannon Bennett’s Vue de monde.

2. A Chair: No.18 Thonet chair
The No.18 is the classic bistro chair from the Thonet Bentwood collection, which I customised with socks for Cumulus Inc. when it opened in 2008.

3. Lighting: Zettel’z 5 Chandelier by Ingo Maurer
Interesting and unique lighting adds a fun, whimsical focus. Ingo Maurer’s chandelier was installed at Mrs Jones, and we also used a custom befeathered version for Claude’s in Sydney. Alternatively, stay closer to home and have one custom-designed by a talented local designer such as Christopher Boots, Mark Douglass or Volker Haug.

4. Tableware: Cylinda-Line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton
Danish brand Stelton does amazing things with stainless steel – in particular, the fabulous Cylinda-Line range, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1967. The much-admired tea and coffee service is both elegant and functional. Paul Smith has recently added a colourful touch to the range, introducing bright and pastel hues to the handles.

5. Glassware: Zalto Glassware
A beautiful glass in your hand can exult many an average drop! The curves of the glass are tilted at certain angles to optimise the enjoyment and experience of the wine. A refined pleasure to drink from.

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