Meet the 2020 IDEA Jury: Simone Haag

Melbourne-based interior designer Simone Haag has been revealed as the first jury member for IDEA 2020.  Founder of her eponymous design studio, and with over a decade in the industry, Simone Haag sees herself as the mediator between her clients and the design world that she says she is “lucky enough to call home”.  It’s […]

IDEA 2020 launches with party in Melbourne

IDEA 2020 launched with a party in Melbourne attended by last year’s winning and highly commended local practices, as well as a few fresh faces from the industry. The launch event, which celebrates IDEA 2020 being officially open for entries, was hosted by Miele at their South Melbourne Experience Centre. For guests, it was a […]

IDEA 2020 is now open for entries

IDEA 2020 is now open for entries, celebrating the best Australian interior design projects and the studios and designers behind them. This year, entries will be open until 5 June, with discounted early bird rates available until 27 March. Enter IDEA 2020 now! Create an account (or log into an existing account) and start working […]

Six emerging designers share their career-shaping childhood memories

Whether it was that rosewood lounge chair you weren’t allowed to sit on in your parents’ perfectly arranged salmon pink living room or the chequered black and white lino kitchen floor that’s burnt into your memory, our childhood homes are often sources of nostalgia, but have they influenced the way we are today? ADR asks […]

There’s only one week to go until IDEA 2020 opens

With only one week to go until IDEA 2020 opens, we’ve put together a handy guide on all the categories in this year’s awards, so you’ll know which one is the perfect fit for your project. Since its inception in 2003, IDEA has grown and expanded to include 14 categories spanning all facets of the […]

The 17 overall project winners from 17 years of IDEA

With less than two weeks to go until IDEA 2020 launches, we look back at the projects that took top crown in each past edition of the awards. IDEA celebrates its 18th anniversary in 2020, making it one of the oldest interior design awards in the industry. So indulge us as we dig deep into […]

IDEA 2020 will open on 27 February

IDEA 2020 is set to open on 27 February, with the discounted early bird entry running until 27 March. Keep reading to find out the key dates for this year’s interior design excellence awards. This year marks our 18th anniversary, making IDEA one of Australia’s oldest and best loved awards programs, celebrating achievements in design […]