Smarter than your average chair

‘Task’ and ‘chair’ – two simple words that when put together tell us all we need to know about the furniture they describe. A task chair is a simple piece of furniture designed with utility in mind, so that users can sit in it and think about nothing but whatever task they have to complete. […]

Jumpthegap design comp challenges young talents to plan the design of the future

The eighth edition of Roca’s International Design Competition jumpthegap is underway, offering a platform for international students and professionals of architecture and design under the age of 40 to show their talent by providing sustainable and innovative conceptual solutions for the bathroom space of the future. Jumpthegap proposes young designers and architects to think of […]

Step inside Manhattan’s first certified Passive House

The Passive House concept – an internationally recognised, performance-based energy standard in construction – found its way to Manhattan, New York City in the shape of a brownstone revival. Renovated by Baxt Ingui Architects, the project consisted of restoring the Renaissance Revival style front façade, originally built in 1888-89 by Thom & Wilson, by bringing […]

HASSELL designs Sunshine Coast resort as extension of landscape

Plans for the first five-star resort to be developed on the Sunshine Coast in the last 30 years signal a new direction in Australian coastal resort design. Sekisui House Australia has commissioned HASSELL to undertake the master planning of the Yaroomba Beach site including architecture, and landscape architecture. The project presents a rare opportunity for […]

In conversation with William McDonough

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