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Guide to Design


Released at the Milan Furniture Show this year, Blob was designed by Helene Tiedemann for Swedish brand Jonas Ihreborn. Blob consists of a number of modular units, which work separately as well as together. There is also the Blob easy chair. As the name suggests, you just want to plop down into one of these units and relax!

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Scope brings together a range of accessories based around a central accessory rail. Trays, shelves, modesty and other panels all form a part of the Scope solution. Comprising shelving solutions, privacy panels and electricals for above and below the worktop, the sleek and lightweight design avoids the dominating aesthetics linked to systems panels and boosts functionality by giving users freedom to maximise valuable desk real estate.

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A new furniture typology for open spaces, Focus is a curated selection of booths that create a quiet refuge to reflect or house a private conversation. Workspace research indicates that users are dissatisfied with their privacy and would like more privacy. Now that we have fewer and fewer boundaries regarding when and where to work, a lack of private areas is a significant shortcoming in activity-based workplaces. Providing a place to retreat, Focus creates an ideal working space for concentration, even within high traffic open plan spaces.

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Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Developed by Forma 5. Exclusive to Workspace. Allure is designed for executive, organisational and decision-making environments. The work chairs stand out for their soft lines and focus applied to the distribution of pressure to ensure optimal comfort during use. Regardless of the option you choose, swivel pivot middle backrest or conference, Allure offers the same aesthetic and ergonomic benefits for executive boardrooms, conference or corporate meetings.

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