Liveable aged-care: Ann-Maree Ruffles on new design approaches

As a leading international architectural practice in the elderly living sector, ThomsonAdsett has appointed Ann-Maree Ruffles as the new joint group director – seniors living, to lead the company’s design growth in this increasingly important and changing sector. Ann-Maree’s appointment was a highly strategic decision by ThomsonAdsett. Designing aged care and seniors living communities that […]

Positive masculinity: Brighton Grammar’s Wellbeing Centre

ClarkeHopkinsClarke has designed a Wellbeing Centre to help young boys develop emotional intelligence and positive masculinity. In speaking to Ross Featherston, the headmaster of Brighton Grammar School, ADR discovers the role of design in promoting wellbeing in the school’s newly-opened Wellbeing Centre. The concept Funded through the generosity of donors, Brighton Grammar has officially opened […]

The future of education design

ThomsonAdsett’s director, Peter C. Lippman, is an educational facility planner, author, and researcher well regarded for his international expertise in education design. Here, Lippman shares his insights into the trends that will continue to shape the design of schools in years to come.

Baby boomer expectations drive innovative aged care design

Rethinking community-based aged care design

The aged have much to offer, and much to receive, from the younger generations. And vice-versa. Dare we ask then, why haven’t we combined aged care and senior living with education sites? Mark Trotter, director at Fulton Trotter Architects, shares his insight on the future of seniors living.

Higher life expectancy and expectations

Robert Puflett, Sydney studio leader and partner at ThomsonAdsett, says that seniors are becoming increasingly concerned with access and location as opposed to ownership – and are no longer willing to compromise the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to when moving into an aged care facility.

Longer lives, higher expectations: the future of seniors living design

“Baby boomers will no longer tolerate residential care environments that mirror hospitals rather than homes,” says Hamilton Wilson, director of Wilson Architects.

The architecture of ageing

Designing for an ageing population is traditionally synonymous with assisted living and retirement communities, models of isolation and dependency. The economic and financial implications aside, these environments have often perpetuated an array of particularly ominous conditions.

The technology workplace

A research project by Bates Smart has examined the tech industry, which culminated in a white paper: ‘The Technology Workplace’. The paper shows how tech companies are flipping the traditional office model due to their unique way of working. Kellie Payne, Bates Smart associate director, discusses the findings of the paper with inside co-editor Gillian Serisier.

Flexible future: reimagining in the workplace

Drawing on their diverse experience in building workplace culture, Gavin Harris (senior associate and design director at futurespace), Bradford Gorman (director of Gorman/Birrell), and Keti Malkoski (principle of people and consulting at Schiavello) give their insights on the many factors shaping our offices, the increasing integration of work and life, and how this will affect us in years to come.