New Forms

July 7, 2009

New Forms takes a novel approach to the exploration of the theory and practice behind innovative projects.

A fairly weighty, well put together title, _New Forms: Plans and details for contemporary architects_ attempts to differentiate itself from the usual reference tool-come-coffee table fare with a rather refreshing, if not entirely successful, approach. The first in what is hoped will be an on-going thematic series, the book is an exploration solely of formally ingenious projects (later books in the series will address colour, material etc) and the design logics that inspired them. Interspersing the requisite collection of glossily reproduced international architecture and a small (almost token) selection of plans and sections are interviews with many of the architects responsible (Ellen Van Loon of OMA on the Casa Da Musica; Willem Jan Neutelings on the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam, etc), where they discuss their design rationale in some depth.

Eds. The Plan
Thames & Hudson 2009 240 pages HB $95

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