Ngutu College

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AR – Ngutu College saw Matthews Architects turn an old government admin building into a thriving educational space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

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inside – magazine

inside – The first issue of inside magazine for 2020 is out! Here’s a peek into the edition, on newsstands across the country. inside welcomes its new editor Elisa Scarton with a whole new look and feel, but the same passion for incredible architecture and design from all over the country. Australian architecture and interior design is […]

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WEST: Derek Swalwell’s latest photography collection

"WEST arose from a long-running fascination of the type of sun-bleached Americana that exists around LA, and all the way to Las Vegas. It’s a special sort of grand, faded architecture with people to match." Architectural photographer Derek Swalwell will be presenting his latest exhibition of works this month, from April 27.

Perspectives speaker series

With a power-packed line-up of speakers, the Perspectives talk series is kicking off again for 2017. Beginning with the theme ‘change’, the first event for the year will feature Isabelle Toland and Amelia Holiday of Aileen Sage Architects, alongside Bianca Pineda of ASPECT Studios and three art curators – Barbara Flynn, Katrina Dunn-Jones and Aarna […]

Diversity + Community conference ’17

Above: Candevish House by Mole Architects, who is part of Diversity + Community ’17. Photo by David Butler, Siobhan Doran.  Drawing speakers from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia, Diversity + Community is a two-day conference which provides a range of talks revealing the shifting priorities and emerging opportunities for responsive, culturally and […]

Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2017

The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit is an inaugural event that will premiere in Melbourne in March 2017. Looking at sky-high towers, high and medium-rise construction and design, the Summit brings together world leaders in architecture, engineering, urban planning and construction. With a wide range of international and local speakers, case studies in both the Australian […]

A special showcase event for the A+D community

The Specix White event is taking place in Sydney 10 November and AR are proud media partners for this unique cocktail networking event.

Navigating social media as an architect or designer

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. Add into the mix the new platforms that are popping up all the time, and it can start to feel like a jungle out there.

China International Furniture Fair 2016

More than 100,000 expected visitors from over 190 countries; including industry leading specifiers, architects and designers are meeting at the China International Furniture Fair in March 2016.

Simple Complexions

Lionel Bawden’s latest exhibition Dawn Chorus opened at the Karen Woodbury Gallery in Melbourne this week. Bawden is a consummate artist and this latest offering is rich in concept, detail and execution.

White Night, Light Night

White Night, the 24-hour entertainment extravaganza, will burst on to the Melbourne city landscape tomorrow evening, with major architectural icons morphing into vivid displays of colour to tell a story of people and place.

Mpavilion MRelay

Thirty two creative industry influencers will speak at MPavilion’s MRelay, in a free event on Saturday 30 January