The Conquest of Space

Start Date: 14 Jun 2014 - 09:00AM

End Date: 14 Jun 2014 - 05:00PM

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The Conquest of Space is a symposium all about the point where science fiction and contemporary art meet. Bringing together leading academic and independent researchers, the symposium will present papers on this topic.

Included will be reflections on individual projects and speculation on the nature of the sci-fi genre itself and its conceptual relationships to art and practice, alongside more general considerations of modern visual culture. Representing an eclectic range of subjects and interests, topics covered will include Utopian 1960s architecture, quantum physics and telepathy, sic-fi and film noir, ultra-low sic-fi film production, speculative realism, the human body, inner space, the uncanny and robotics, and sic-fi and postmodernism after the end of art.

Lecturers and participants include Kylie Banyard, Jacquelene Drinkall, Sue Field, Prudence Gibson, Ian Haig, Madeleine Kelly, Elena Knox, Astrid Lorange, Lizzie Muller, Sean O'Keefe, Elizabeth Pulie and Simon Sellars. There is a concurrent exhibition of the same name being held at Galleries University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, which runs until 5 July.

Where: EG02 Lecture Theatre UNSW, COFA Campus

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