MSDx – Melbourne School of Design End of Year Show

Start Date: 13 Nov 2013

End Date: 15 Nov 2013

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MSDx is the annual showcase of graduating design students from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. It will feature over 200 works from Melbourne School of Design thesis students, as well as exceptional work from Masters studios C, D and E. This exhibition is free to the public and opens Wednesday 13 November until Friday 15th November.

This is the first time that non-graduating students will be part of the exhibition and demonstrates the calibre of work produced at all levels of Melbourne School of Design. The exhibition will be held in the Southlawn Underground car park, one of the most historically rich places on campus and one of the filming locations for the Mel Gibson movie, Mad Max.

The MSDx student committee includes; Daisy Xu, Jannete Le, Louise Kristic, Michael Collins, Mikhael Rodrick, Keely Malady, Andrew Nicoll and Lauren Moloney.