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Lucy McRae presents ‘Swallowable Parfum’ Live Lab

For one night an audience is invited to explore the evolution and production of 'body architect' Lucy McRae's Swallowable Parfum®, established 2023, a biologically enhanced fragrance evaporated...


Imagine it is 50 years into the future and an entire body of work is available for reflection.

Lucy McRae takes this vantage point extracting one project from her future oeuvre for presentation in her Live Lab at Pin-up Project space in Collingwood, Melbourne. For one night you are invited to explore the evolution and production of her Swallowable Parfum®, established 2023, a biologically enhanced fragrance evaporated through the skin.

Lucy McRae is an Australian artist straddling the worlds of fashion, technology and the body. trained as a classical ballerina and architect, her work inherently fascinates with the human body. Described as a Body Architect, she invents and builds structures on the skin that re-shape the human silhouette. Her provocative and often grotesquely beautiful imagery suggests a new breed; a future human archetype existing in an alternate world.

Lucy McRae’s Swallowable Parfum® Live Lab is the result of Lucy’s summer residency at Pin-up Project space, an independent gallery dedicated to exhibiting, communicating and promoting architecture and design in an accessible, responsive and inspirational environment.

In a status-driven world where we are free to make our own choices, have access to infinite knowledge and information, and where anything is seemingly possible, we constantly seek out new ways to communicate our uniqueness and express individuality.

Amid growing rhetoric around the body as the new frontier for technological advancement, internationally celebrated body architect Lucy McRae teams up with acclaimed Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy, to create Swallowable Parfum: a digestible scented capsule that breaks entirely new ground in the science of human instinct.

Once absorbed, the capsule enables the skin to become a platform, an atomizer, a biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body.

Fragrance molecules are excreted through the skin’s surface during perspiration, leaving tiny golden droplets on the skin that emanate a unique odor. the potency of scent is determined by each individual’s acclimatization to temperatures, to stress, exercise, or sexual arousal.

Swallowable Parfum is a capsule that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent about who we are, and how we perform our identities.

Wednesday 27 March, 6–9pm
Biotechnology presentation by Lucy McRae at 7pm sharp



March 27, 2013
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Pin-up Architecture and Design Project Space
15-25 Keele St
Collingwood, Victoria 3066 Australia
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Pin-up Architecture and Design Project Space

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