Living in the city: new architecture in Brisbane & the Asia-Pacific

Start Date: 19 Feb 2016

End Date: 22 May 2016

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Above image: Coorparoo Square render, courtesy of Conrad Gargett.

Beginning this Friday, the Museum of Brisbane will host a free exhibition which explores the impact of significant future architectural projects in Brisbane and beyond.

"Living in the city: New Architecture In Brisbane & the Asia-Pacific" looks at nine projects that are currently under construction in Brisbane, examining the story behind them, as well as what they say about the city and life within it. A construction each from Abu Dhabi, Auckland, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and two from China will also be explored as part of the exhibition.

Projects include Courtyard Residence by Richard Kirk Architect, Shenzhen Affordable Housing Design by HASSELL, Coorparoo Square by Conrad Gargett, and JAVA Supermall Apartment and Hotel Tower by Day Architecture Studio, among many others.

Living In The City: New Architecture In Brisbane & The Asia-Pacific runs from 10am-5pm from the 19th February until the 22nd of May at the Museum of Brisbane. More information can be found at the Museum of Brisbane website.