Erwin Wurm

Start Date: 27 Feb 2014

End Date: 10 May 2014

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Above: ERWIN WURM Untitled (Desperate Philosophers), 2009 Acrylic, cloth, paint 60 x 29 x 14 cm Edition of 6, AP1 & AP2 Courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery

In a major coup for Australian collectors, the exhibition at Anna Schwartz Sydney will be the first solo showing of this extraordinary artist since his MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) exhibition in 2005. Credited for redefining the way sculpture is perceived, Wurm’s work is interactive, experiential, highly imaginative and often very funny. These include Convertible Fat Car (Porsche), 2005, which, as the name suggests, comprises an obesely puffy set of undulating Porsche shaped curves in lieu of the elegant originals. Similarly, Pumpkin Head from the Desperate Philosophers series of 2009 is splendidly silly.