Concrete: an exhibition by Rhiannon Slatter

Start Date: 13 Apr 2016

End Date: 08 May 2016

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Concrete, a series of large scale prints, represents both an extension of and departure from Rhiannon Slatter’s architectural photography. Her fascination with scales of production in industry has led her to study the prefabricated concrete forms which appear frequently in our landscape and continue to multiply – simple, austere shapes which represent large scale, fast construction methods themselves while also serving as containers for industrial production.

The stark geometric outlines and solid bulk of these buildings have driven her to further abstraction. By overlaying photographs of these mundane yet compelling structures she has worked to build compositions that have an architecture of their own. The finished images are highly designed with the placement of every line and angle being considered at length and manipulated in an effort to achieve relational concord.

13 April – 8 May

C3 Contemporary Art Space

The Abbotsford Convent