DARCH Horse Awards stage 1 nominations close this Friday

Start Date: 23 Oct 2015 - 08:00AM

End Date: 23 Oct 2015 - 05:00PM

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Image: The winners, judges and nominators at last year’s DARCH Horse Awards. Photography by Phuong Le

Now in its fourth year, the DARCH Horse Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions by non-architects in the pursuit of a high quality built environment. The aims of the awards are to engage a broader audience in discussion about the importance of architecture to our city, our society, and our culture. The awards aspire to recognise the value affiliated professionals and industry members make to the places which we inhabit, and encourage a spirit of generosity and collaboration.

A DARCH Horse is awarded to a person or persons nominated by any Australian Institute of Architects member. Nominees will have made an outstanding contribution to architectural practice or an architectural outcome, through a collaborative, enriching, supporting or visionary pursuit of their own field of expertise. The categories include Government Authority, Builder, Client, Developer, Consultant, Specialist Contractor and Urban Provocateur.

Stage 1 nominations close this Friday 23 October, requiring entrants to submit a 150 word summary of reasons for nomination.

For more details of how to submit a nomination, visit: