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2nd Skin

Organised by the University of Melbourne, the 2nd Skin exhibition showcases wearable volumes, deployable envelopes and structures that accommodate the complex geometry of the body


The 2nd Skin exhibition showcases wearable volumes, deployable envelopes and structures that accommodate the complex geometry of the body.

Designed and made by first year students of the Bachelor of Environments, Virtual Environments subject during Semester 2 of 2013, each project develops techniques of measuring and defining personal spaces through the manipulation of material systems. The projects are modeled digitally and fabricated from a 2d cutting template which is output directly through CNC card or laser cutter. The fabricated components are then hand folded and assembled; fusing digital technology with craft sensibility.

The aim of the project is to render the invisible territories we occupy visible, making the virtual real. Its affect is to make aware the space we occupy; the way we move, the way we inhabit space that is not architectural, but already social, cultural and political in nature.

Aisha De Barros Lopes & Nicole Wong

This project explores the personal space of introverts. The 2nd skin envelops the head manufacturing isolation through sound deprivation/distortion.

To develop the geometry, Aisha and Nicole analysed a simple paper collapsible lantern and applied the same logic of  ‘section and profile’ as a material system within their design

Anna Petrou, Arvin Lourdenadin, Michael Wong

This 2nd skin can be deployed to ward off potential intruders into the wearers personal space. In an elegant mechanical solution the hinged panels are activated by subtle movements of the body.

Utilising a  ‘panel and fold’ material system, Anna, Arvin and Michael studied the artichoke as a reference for how the repetition of a single panel can create complexity through layering and rotating

Cara Brogno, Shane Siy Cha

This inflatable 2nd skin mimics the defensive behaviour of a blowfish extending and protecting the wearers personal space in response to a perceived threat

India McKenzie, Derek Huynh

India and Derek explored  ‘skin and bone’ as a material system. In their design, a rigid exo-skeleton covered by a tensile skin of cotton thread forces the body to hold a rigid upright frame.  By preventing postures like slouching, the 2nd skin inhibits the typically reclusive body language triggers that signify the boundary of the wearers personal space

Jackson Wylie, Sierra Stathis

Jackson and Sierra examined ‘skin and bone’ as a material system looking at an umbrella as their precedent reference objectTheir 2nd Skin explores distorted body image.  The pyramidal geometry is placed around the body to suggest how the wearers perception of their body silhouette differs from reality.



February 24, 2014 @ 9:00 am
March 7, 2014 @ 5:00 pm


University of Melbourne
757 Swanston Street, University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia


University of Melbourne

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