Woollahra Apartment

Nov 27, 2012
  • Article by D'Cruz Design Group
  • Designer

Designer: Andrea D’Cruz of D’Cruz Design Group (former director of RLD)
Photographer: Nicholas Watt

Set within the context of a well-maintained 1930s Art Deco building, the interior decoration exercise carries through the architectural language in an effort to maintain a design congruency. It was however important to use the Art Deco style as a platform for fresh ideas and the injection of contemporary elements, minimising the risk of monotonous replication of an already established style, as well as maintaining a relevance to a modern lifestyle.

A mixture of purity and detailed furniture and furnishings is evident throughout the apartment. Simplicity co-exists harmoniously with Modern-Deco geometry, all of which well-considered placement brings a balanced aesthetic.

The separation of formal and informal spaces is dealt with the type of materials and its construction methodology. Formal spaces are adorned with highly polished and refined finishes whilst informal spaces see the use more tactile finishes.

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