Jul 6, 2009
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  • Architect MontyFairview

The task asked for a studio/retreat to be dropped into the mountains of New Zealand’s far south. Building in such a pristine and isolated setting in most cases demands a certain subtlety to a structure’s presence: hiding from view altogether, blending to surroundings in colour and material, or shrinking to a dissolvable scale.
I found the dishonesty of this attitude to architecture frustrating: designing as if your building isn’t there so not to tarnish your site’s beauty. In response, my project was about a construction clearly embedded, quite literally, in site, with a materiality overtly clashing bluntly in contrast to its context.
Folding up with the mountains around but in tarmac, glass and timber, with an exterior that takes a beating, walked over, nested in and snowed on, covering a polished and bare interior. The form has been generated from ‘postcard’ money shots of the surrounding fiords, heightfield data extracted, then reduced to a buildable triangulated single surface that has been trimmed into site

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13 Jul 09 at 7:09 AM Dan Hill

This looks fairly amazing – can we have more details please?

22 Jul 09 at 12:32 AM Nicholas Ashby

updated thanks ‘cityofsound’


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