Apr 16, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Architect DRAW de Manincor Russell Architecture Workshop

The UTS-ITE facility will substantiate the universities presence in the city, not merely as a contextually sensitive, robust and compelling built form but more-so as a constantly emerging spectacle of experience. Open feedback systems will ensure the UTS-ITE is an active participant in the ecology within which it is embedded. Innovation will constantly balance the interface between ecology and technology.
Well-serviced, adaptable, naturally lit spaces that can be transfigured to multiple configurations that promote collaboration. An omni-directional platform, serving as recreational space, as communication hub and as temporary project space. A new form emerging at the intersection of information and space where interactive data structures can be visualised and manipulated. The building will be a temporal arena where coincident flows of the school and the city coalesce – a ’borderland’ between campus and community, students and city, information and space.

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