Un-built: Peninsula House

Mar 15, 2010
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Positioned on a previously cleared site, with views towards Tasman Island and the Southern Ocean beyond, this project takes the farmhouse typology and transforms it into a hybrid courtyard house.

Visitors enter the house through a covered threshold, experiencing views into the tree-filled courtyard and the sea beyond. They then venture into the main living space, where the full panorama unfolds. Three gable roof extrusions define the functions within. Each gable has a specific relationship to the courtyard and specific views to the surroundings. The extruded form extends away from the building envelope, providing covered outdoor living spaces.

*Team* Designers: Thomas Bailey, Nathan Crump, Aaron Roberts, James Wilson

University of Western Sydney's locker system

Planex steel locker system with Gantner ‘smart’ electronic lock has been used at Western Sydney University, designed to empower students.

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