Un-built: Memorial Competition

May 26, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Designer
  • Architect Black Line One X Architecture Studio

This concept for a holocaust memorial represents the incredible acts of strength, survival, hope and friendship that rose from what was an unspeakably traumatic, confusing and devastating environment. It aims to depict cultural and individual courage through the use of light, form, material and scale, and show that the human spirit always has the capacity to rise above adversity.

Twenty vertical sculptural elements of varied heights are placed on the site, suspended from the fragmented overhead structure. These represent the countries directly affected by the holocaust.

Distinct spaces create private and communal areas for reflection. A large central seating area is placed under the extruded towering eastern light, while a suspended prayer space hovers at low level above the ground, at the end of a descending ramp.

Individual reflection and contemplation pods are then placed throughout the site, in the form of smooth timber tubes designed to sit at shoulder height. Together these spaces form a memorial based on, and driven by, human interaction and individual interpretation – so that “every new generation will find its own significance in the past”.

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