Un-built: Creature on Lonsdale

Jul 26, 2011
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  • Architect Wolf Architects

Creature on Lonsdale (COL) was an experimental concept we did in 2007 to explore sustainable technology in architecture.

As global warming concerns come to the forefront, the modern consumer should want to shop in a greener environment. COL’s modular system proposes an alternative trend that moves away from large volumes of empty spaces and the lack of scale found commonly in conventional shopping centres. Principles of green design have been part of the brief from the onset, exploring both scientific and holistic approaches to design. COL aims to promote a sustainable urban environment that embraces local climatic conditions to help reconnect people with the environment.

Taking advantage of a simple system of customisable modules, we allow for flexibility and interchange-ability at the micro level, thus allowing for multiple possibilities in any moment in the building. Each module can potentially be shipped from anywhere in the world, arriving on-site in prefabricated parts to be assembled and installed in minimal time. Energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetics are all considered at any particular moment. Other considerations are: use of recycled materials, water collection, insulation, passive ventilation, natural daylight and views, compatibility of I-shops to the plug-in system, variety, and character.

*Team* Designer: Taras Wolf

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