Un-built: C House

Jan 4, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Architect Facet Studio

This is a house for a couple, two grown-up children, and three maids located in Medan, Indonesia. The couple are busy business people, the children are working adults; they all look for their own peace of mind at home. The maids are required to, without much interaction with the family members, support their lifestyle.

The challenge is how to accommodate parents and children, providing for their different lifestyles under the same roof. Rather than creating a sequence of rooms leading onto rooms, we have instead concentrated on courtyards. They symbolise a way of living which maintains the connection between family members while also ensuring privacy between them.

The courtyards are located at ground and first levels centrally. The living spaces for the couple and their children are separated by the courtyards, and the space for the family and the maids are physically distinct – keeping the lifestyles of the different inhabitants independent.

By separating the courtyards onto two levels, they relate individually to the public and private zones. They enable the family to experience different types of “peace of mind” with their different state of mind.

*Team* Architects: Olivia Shih, Yoshihito Kashiwagi, Joko Tandijono

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