Un-built: Balingup House

Aug 26, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Designer
  • Architect A Workshop

This design is for a new country house, on a hillside surrounded by state forest, 10km to the east of Balingup (a town in southwest Western Australia, 241km south of Perth).

The house is for a nuclear family of four. A new driveway allows access over a the existing dammed creek up to the house, which is perched high in the north-facing landscape. The house is positioned across the contours of the ground to draw northern light into the building under the large overhang, which provides summer shade.

An east-west concrete wall acts as a spine through the building, with all spaces unfolding from this point. A large communal space at the end opens up to the landscape. Materials include burnt vertical weatherboards, dark grey gloss face brickwork, glazing and transparent roof and wall sheeting where required. Passive ventilation systems allow the building to open and close to the prevaling winds.

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