The Butcher’s Block

Feb 18, 2013
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Andrew Worssam
  • Designer Giant Design Consultants

Once a butcher’s shop for 70 years, this neglected building in need of a new lease of life became the starting point for Giant Design’s concept behind The Butcher’s Block cafe and restaurant in Wahroonga, NSW.

The building was gutted to suit its new use, but to retain a strong connection with its history. To build on this, recycled bricks have been used to construct the shell of the kitchen and the rear extension; the existing roof timbers have been left alone; and the walls are finished as an aged plaster. Hand-cut tiles, in colours reminiscent of a butcher’s shop, have used on the lower walls and kitchen space, and a metal meat rail, lit from the rear, runs around the perimeter. The reference to the building’s history is again reinforced with aged typographic signage applied to the walls, and cushions that have been made from apron fabric.

The original meat cleaver, as used by the butcher, is reinvented as the handle into the toilets.

An old, ramped car park has been transformed and is now an outdoor area that flows straight out from the interior. Half of this outdoor terrace is covered by the extended roof, with the other half remaining open, but with a series of galvanised steel beams that will allow for the support of future sunscreening and the festoon lighting. The troughs around the perimeter are planted with fragrant herbs and fruits, giving a permanent, delicious scent to the outdoors.

Design team Ed Kenny (Director), Trish Lopez (Interior Designer); Hannah Surtees (Graphic Designer)

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26 Feb 13 at 10:23 AM • Peter

I am a frequent coffee drinker and every morning flock to wahroonga to get my day moving…life of a caffine nut!
This place has simply blown me away. The hume/ibe, decor, friendly greeting ..not to mention the costumes (waitresses look fab) was just the start. I tasted the coffee and the food and I find myself telling everyone of the expereince.
It is true that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool business’s like this can have.
Thx Butchers block!!!


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