Storage House

Mar 31, 2009
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The overall built form is split by the land-scape which has been drawn into the main plan of the building to create an intimate private courtyard and separate pool area both with very different aspects. A signi?-cant part of the design brief was to provide extensive storage space for the parents and their two children.

The idea of storage space was explored fur-ther so that it could have an equal hierarchy to the spatial con?guration of the house and informed the spaces and materiality of the house. Rather than a series of closets, the storage space becomes an oversized architectural furniture element weaving throughout the home both in plan and sec-tion to become an emporium of objects.

At ground level the storage wall ?anks the western boundary of the site acting as ther-mal mass and connects with the main entry point to the house.Here it incorporates other amenities such as toilet and laundry and it continues to wind through towards the kitchen space to form a pantry space. On the ?rst ?oor, the storage wall goes up vertically forming a balstustrade for the staircase and opening itself for wardrobe and a amenities.

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