Quarries Park Shade Structure

Mar 31, 2009
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Quarries Park lies on the top of a grassy hill in north-east Melbourne – framed by Merri creek with spectacular views towards the city skyline.

The primary function of the shade structure is to provide an outdoor shaded area for the existing playground and provide a new barbeque & picnic area

Our intention was to design something that could work with the existing topography of the site whilst providing visual delight to those that see and use the park.

To the centre of the park is a small picnic area and children’s play-ground, and to the east a sunken area of open space. Connecting with an existing pathway, the new shade structure nestles in the sunken topography between the existing playground and skate park where its wave form meanders across the park.

The new shade structure takes some of its inspiration from the play area to the west and in particular the use of timber on the site.

The form is inspired by the playful manipulation of a simple pitch roof. Two rows of trusses are created by multiplying and doubling the form of a simple pitch roof. By offsetting the structural columns a poetic wave-like effect is created.

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