Prahran Residence

Sep 18, 2012
  • Article by Meme
  • Photography by Sonia Mangiapane
  • Designer Meme

Sitting at the rear of an existing residence in Prahran, Melbourne, this multi-functional room serves as a space for cooking, eating and living – and has been designed to maximise both space and comfort.

Each cupboard and drawer has been considered, and is the optimum size for its purpose. An organised and efficient kitchen is contained behind the cupboard doors, concealing as much visual clutter as possible while still allowing the space to function as a kitchen, as well as a relaxing dining space and living area.

A balanced geometry is achieved with the windows and doors. Views to the neighbouring residences are blocked by new highlight windows. By visually extending the room into the garden, the interior takes full advantage of the outdoor aspect – which serves as a strong visual focus for the room.

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19 Sep 12 at 5:51 AM • Brian Ashworth

Kitchen means a bit of visual clutter to me. Thats what a homely kitchen is.

When I get home from work I want to cook my meal now! not spend 10 minutes getting everything out of the cupboards.

This looks more like a kitchen for someone who eats in cafes/ only eats takeaways at home.


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