Jul 31, 2012
  • Article by Matt Woods
  • Photography by The Moment it Clicks
  • Designer Matt Woods

The Melt interior has been developed with one simple concept in mind: chocolate. Adorned with both dark and white chocolate hues, it includes the use of a monolithic marble bar – traditionally used for the tempering of chocolate. The stone is also used as a wall cladding within the bar and is finished in acute peaks at the ceiling junctions.

The peak motif continues in the main seated area of the bar via the use of steel blades, which depict a factory silhouette – a tongue-in-cheek reference to Willy Wonka. In the dining room, these blades frame and enclose the otherwise out-of-view banquette seating, while strategically placed mirrored walls add depth, width and light to the space.

Additional references to chocolate are found in the square geometry of the brown leather of the button tufted banquette seating, while above, cylindrical timbers (lined with dimmable LED lighting) are sandwiched between each steel blade, reminiscent of chocolate wafer rolls.

This linear lighting feature has been designed to create both shadowed areas and warm spots along the recycled glass mosaic walls, adding texture and drama to the 70sqm fitout. Slight variations in the shape of the individual pieces of recycled glass add further detail, recalling melting blocks of chocolate.

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