Lumiere Apartment

Mar 26, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor

Designer: Andrea D’Cruz of D’Cruz Design Group (former director of RLD)
Photographer: Tom Evangelidis

The apartment entry alcove is undeniably a dedication to the love of music. This love is reinforced by the gallery approach to the entry hall, where the keen hobby of photography (partner) documents the history of orchestral performance.

The living and dining room has a geometry that unites both spaces by the application of wall/ceiling panels and floor rug treatment. In contrast to the unifying effect, elements have also been introduced to emphasise the extension of one space leading to another, lending a sense of spatial augmentation in response to the compact nature of the apartment. The ceiling paint of the entry hall extends to the wall that leads up the stairs, folds of fabric extend from floor to ceiling in the double height loggia and selected walls, through the wrapping effect of materials, emphasise the fluid connection of spaces.

Mirrors invite the view into the apartment as well as providing an added dimension whilst theatrics play a subtle part with a perspex-encased twelfth century mirror and canopy sized pendant light of the master bedroom. Within this deliberately cool palette, the natural human desire for warmth is evident in walnut tones, sprinkled moderately throughout the home.

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