Letterbox House

Apr 7, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by John Gollings
  • Architect McBride Charles Ryan

Named the ‘letterbox house’, this coastal house literally appears to emerge from the front letterbox. Its architects claim it is the smallest street front elevation on the peninsula. From the letterbox it rapidly expands to form a significant timber wall fronting the side yard of the block. The wall appears as a wrapped deck, a cliff, an upturned boat, a frozen wave, a verandah. Internally, the wall is a depository for the bric-a-brac collected on beach holidays. The wall is an in-between zone, a powerful stage for enacting family life. Its purpose is to enhance the experience of the beach holiday and to ground memory. It will become backdrop to family photos as years pass.

*Team Members*
Rob McBride, Debbie-Lyn Ryan, Adam Pustola, Meredith Dufour, Michael McManus, Angela Woda

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