Jardan, Sydney

Apr 30, 2013
  • Article by IF Architecture
  • Photography by Ward Roberts
  • Designer
  • Architect IF Architecture

Operating from a warehouse space over two floors, Jardan Sydney is the company’s flagship showroom. A metamorphosis in growth and approach to design generated the need for an upgrade of Jardan’s existing space. Establishing a national identity with relevance on a global scale became the catalyst for IF Architecture’s design response.

The Australian character of Jardan’s brand identity is one of the most prominent aspects of the brand; IF Architecture’s design response captures this aspect via a series of installations, purpose-­built as abstract, whimsical expressions in built form. Jardan Sydney’s longitude and latitude co-­ordinates are transposed over the space; articulated lines in the floor surface and a mirrored vertical and horizontal framework distinguish the company’s Australian roots in global context.

This framework also provides volumes for appreciating the furniture without breaking the visual connections of the showroom’s space. A white colour scheme allows the furniture to dominate, creating interest over two levels. Products become the hero, enabling the client to consider a product’s merits in context of their own requirements. Sustainable design practices achieve minimal impact on the space; multiple scenes are present without building physical walls. Vivid installation graphics introduce additional secondary brand elements. From a playful ‘Hello’ upon entry, to giant letters suspended in space created with materials synonymous with Jardan’s furniture.

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