Interior Design: St Jude

Jun 27, 2012
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Paul Gosney
  • Designer
  • Architect Arthur Koutoulas Design

St Jude Cafe is a simple cafe that is comfortable and unique at the same time, serving simple food with an emphasis on great coffee. The design scheme follows a rustic and provincial aesthetic style, yet with an element of surprise. The space feels familiar yet unusual, with custom pieces that give the rustic style a new twist.

The material palette is simple and raw. Exposed layers of paint and mild blackened steel are paired with polished concrete floors, while furnishings encompass leather banquets, American oak tables and chairs, cork stools and anodised gold light fittings. All fixtures and fittings have been custom designed and manufactured for the space.

The project has been completed on a small budget, and is an honest and unpretentious interior suited to the modest size of the tenancy. The dining space, adorned with eclectic elements that give the space a unique and homely character, sits in the middle of the rectangular room, while the kitchen and bathrooms are tucked away at the back and the espresso bar takes prime position at the front of the cafe.

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28 Jun 12 at 11:58 AM • Mary Christeck

Great work! Love it!

28 Jun 12 at 10:33 PM • Montserrat

I wouldn’t call the food simple. Try having the french toast for breakfast and see how your taste buds jump with joy. St Jude has well thought out, fantastic food plus they are generous helpings. As the article said, the cafe creates a feeling of comfortable familiarity with elements of surprise. I would highly recommend this cafe to any cafe buff.

01 Jul 12 at 2:25 PM • Anna

That ceiling light is lovely.


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