Interior Design: Sneakerology/ Streetology

Jul 14, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Katherine Lu
  • Designer Facet Studio

Sneakerology and Streetology are two adjacent retail fitouts, sharing the same design principle of interpreting street culture with an academic approach. Each design explores the systematic repetition of standardised units, playing on the extremities of minimum unit/maximum impact.

An entire wall within Sneakerology features a sequence of 200x600mm boxes, each displaying a different sneaker design. The boxes are offset by a half unit on each level, creating a strong pattern from a simple object. The concept borrows from the display of museum artifacts. Centrally located touch panels within the shop enable shoppers to learn about the background stories of the merchandise. Though there is no such field as study as “sneaker-ology”, the display arranges the collection as if the viewer were studying sneakers in a scholarly fashion.

A similarly standardised display mechanism is used in Streetology. T-shirts are stored in standard 100mm-wide plastic tubes, and stacked within a dispenser arranged above the display T-shirt. 170 dispensers each hold a maximum of 15 tubes each, creating a colourful display around the shop. When one T-shirt is sold, one plastic tubes disappear from the dispenser – creating a visual representation of stock quantity and product popularity, or a visual indicator of street trends.

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